We see ourselves as digital road and bridge builders in the nonprofit sector to help
people get where they want to go faster, life with purpose can’t wait.

Our Purpose

Create a digital place that helps people find purpose in life through inspiring media connected
to local activities that give purpose to your life through helping others close to home.


Join a network that scales good communities - highlight those transforming your community, help others find their story that leaves a legacy, and connect them with ways to make it real

Digital Temples

Hear stories, meet people, form relationships around activities with purpose. Don’t Administrate, Connect.

A better
Grant Process

Start with Why -Stories communicate Impact, video is the most compelling storytelling medium.

Measure -likes, views, and shares measure impact, good communication is hard and takes a lot of work.

Convert inspiration into Action - without a way to start now most inspiration evaporates, your cause needs to give supporters a way to give now or serve now.


Don’t let your story be a tree that falls in the forest that no one hears, the things you do that bring purpose to life deserve to be shown, so others can see how to live a truly successful life. Scaling good communities requires highlighting great things so others can copy the road to success.

A third party verified philanthropic resume is a powerful trust document for deciding who to hire, select, and decipher what is real in a world of fake news.

Go After Marketing

Event Sponsorships are valuable. Use video to show how your sponsors are changing the world with your organization. Give them credit and help them communicate who they are to the community. If you help them more you will get more.


  • Fundraising and promotion
  • Social integration
  • Large network of local donors
  • Manage and Recruit Volunteers
  • Sell tickets and promote events
  • Run reports and track engagement
  • No Platform Fees